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PTFE flanged seals

PTFE flanged seals PTFE flanged seals PTFE flanged seals
Product name:PTFE flanged seals
We can offer all kinds of ptfe sealing gaskets made of virgin PTFE(standard and modified), and filled grade of PTFE(compound) from Dupont,Daikin,3M,Dongyue,3F etc.Deponding on applications,PTFE can be mixed with fillers to meet the requirements of application in order to provide the optimum sealing properties.
Filler type includes:
Glass fiber, Graphite, Bronze, Carbon fiber, MoS2, PI, POB, Aromatic Polyester, Polypheylene Sulfide,etc

All our products are precision-machined by CNC lathes controlling tolerance within the minimum range.


  • Exellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals  
  • Wide temperature using range(up to 250degree celsius)  
  • Self lubrication 
  • Wear resistance

Shape and specifications:
Gaskets come in many different designs based on exact application,chemical contact,physical parameters. 

For more details,please email us to,we will react to you at the first time. 

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